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Intentions Behind The Brand

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Although I know many keep up with Earth Angel for aesthetic and designs, it's important to me that the deeper intention behind my work is acknowledged. Here's a little look into why I created Earth Angel and the inspiration, symbolism, and meaning behind why I do what I do.

This entire brand is inspired by little me. As a little girl I was very anxious and afraid of the world. I had big emotions and sometimes the only thing that could calm me down were the physical objects I surrounded myself with. Whether it be a craft I made, a stuffed animal, or my collection of antique tiny trinkets, surrounding myself with special, meaningful objects made me feel safe and secure. I would add color and life to these physical objects through my imagination, pretending certain trinkets were magical or that a stuffed animal would be there for me emotionally no matter where I was or what was going on.

Now, as a 23 year old my main mission in life is to reparent and reintegrate this inner child that grew up afraid and alone. Much of my life's work centers around understanding my inner child and finding ways to be gentle with her and make her feel safe. I have found that I can still comfort that hurt child inside of me by surrounding myself with magical, special objects. This brand acts as a platform for me to create magical items that hopefully can act as a security blanket for your inner child too. It is my intention that each of my creations bring you a feeling of security and emotional comfort. Even though the magic each piece holds might just be in your/my imagination, I've found that having a physical symbol of an emotion or thought process is powerful and transformative.

The aesthetic of Earth Angel is inspired by little me as well. I have always been a very visual person and had a personal aesthetic ever since I can remember. I loved pastel colors, Sanrio, anything miniature, tiny antique animals and trinkets, cakes, and stuffed animals. These things still make me feel happy and inspire the designs and aesthetic of the brand.

There are a few reoccurring themes in my work that have different symbolic meanings. One you will find a lot is the word "secret" ... This theme symbolizes the part of you that maybe feels a little locked away. Connecting it back to the inner child, growing up anxious and shy I often felt disconnected and alone. I always kept my favorite parts of me a secret and explored my passions privately. The secret theme represents the idea that its okay to nurture the most special parts of you in private, and to trust that the right, special people will come along your path to share them with. There is nothing wrong with protecting special, secret parts of you <3 Going along with this I often use keys in my work. Keys are a special symbol to me. They represent unlocking the parts of you that were segmented off because of childhood trauma or pain, and reintegrating them back into your adult life. Doing the work of connecting to your inner child is metaphorically handing yourself a key to a new doorway...

I chose the name Earth Angel because it represents the blending of the physical and spiritual. Each creation holds magical intentions and ideas but is experienced in the 3D earthly plane. Magic can be real if we allow it to be, and Earth Angel hopes to spread magic through physical treasures.

I hope this resonates with you and if it doesn't... I hope my creations feel special nonetheless. It truly is a lifelong mission for me to find a way of maintaining a sense of childlike wonder and hope, and this brand allows me to do so. Thank you for your support and I feel lucky that we get to connect through my creations <3



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