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Tie Skirt Inspiration

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

The idea of a skirt made out of ties was something I was introduced to over a year ago. I was browsing at one of my favorite vintage stores, and one of the sales girls pulled out a skirt made of ties that she thought would look good with the shirt I was trying on. She was right, but I could only afford the top at the time. So I left the store tie skirt-less, but continued to daydream about it for many months to come. Finally I went back to the shop and said to myself, if the skirt is still there it's meant to be mine. And it was! It quickly became my favorite piece in my wardrobe. I got so many compliments when I wore it out and people always asked, "Did you make that?" Eventually I realized... I could make these!

So although not an original idea, I felt so excited by this one piece that I felt I had no choice but to make more. I feel so inspired by this piece because of the nostalgia it invokes. It reminds me of playing dress up in my parents closet and a kid. My mom's heels and my dad's ties were always most alluring to me. All of the different colors and patterns of the ties felt so exciting, I was jealous of my dad for getting to pick out a matching tie to go with his work attire everyday. I always felt inspired by traditionally masculine accessories like ties and had a vision of incorporating them into my own wardrobe one day.

Each tie skirt is made from secondhand ties that I purchase in bulk. I love being able to give these ties new life. Ties that were most likely once worn by men to their office jobs can now go out dancing with you :) The funky, colorful, full of life designs of these ties deserve to be seen in a different light! There is something so appealing to me about giving an accessory that is so traditional and masculine a new, more current way to be worn.

Since discovering my tie skirt in the vintage shop, I've seen them styled in a few other places... like this shot from Fruits Magazine. I don't want to take credit for the design because like I said, not an original idea. But I hope my spin of the skirts and my intention behind making them connects with you. Each skirt is made with so much love and care. I have so much fun picking out the color schemes of each skirt, and it helps me connect to that little girl who would sift through my dads ties dreaming of a day where I could style myself and wear "adult" clothes like my parents :) Hope these skirts help you connect to that nostalgia and childlike place too.



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